Weeds Seventh Season to Begin Soon

Weeds is the best written show on television, and has received several awards for the writing. It has become a runaway hit for ShowTime. The cast is headed by Mary Louise Parker, who plays Nancy Botwin, the mother of two boys. When her husband dies unexpectedly, she begins selling pot to make ends meet. Of course, that is where the problems begin for this family; they become more entangled in the illegal world of drugs and the problems that come with it.

The show debuted on the network on August 7, 2005, earning the channel’s highest ratings, and the debut of the fifth season had 1.3 million viewers. During the course of the show, the one-time naïve soccer mom begins to get involved with the Mexican organized crime and is completely over her head with the dangers initially. She soon realizes the true danger of the situation that she has put her family in. In Season 5, Nancy finds herself in even bigger trouble when she falls for and marries Esteban, the head of a major drug cartel.

Esteban was living a double life – he was running for public office as well. Nancy and Esteban have a baby together, but her dreams of domestic bliss come to a quick end. Esteban feels that Nancy is a threat to his political ambitions and feels that she will also expose his drug trafficking. The supporting characters do a fine job, and have several outstanding story arcs of their own – Doug and Silas opening a medical marijuana dispensary only to have it taken away, and Andy, Nancy’s brother-in-law, (who is in love with her) falls for Nancy’s very attractive OB/GYN played by Alanis Morrisette. Shane, Nancy’s son, begins drinking and becomes unstable with surprising consequences.

In fear for her life, Nancy grabs her family and heads out on the road. This occurs during season 6 with Esteban’s men right on her trail, along with the FBI as well. So let us review: A pot-selling mom turned Mexican mafia princess wanted by the FBI goes on the run across America. At the end of season 6, her children get on a plane to escape the country and the FBI. She turned herself in rather than face certain death at the hands of Esteban and his goon squad. On June 27th season 7 will begin: It is three years later and Nancy is out of prison and trying to make a fresh start in New York City. The real questions are: Will Nancy be able to reunite her family? Will she be able to stay out of trouble?

The show is extremely entertaining, and the writing is very strong. The show deals with a multitude of issues in an amusing way. With a Facebook following of over 4 million, the potential opening night viewing audience is expected to be over 7 million. The fan base is avid, and merchandising for the show is doing a rapid business. Weeds T-shirts sell especially well for the show, which has nearly an occult following.

Weeds Seventh Season to Begin Soon
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