The Menace of Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a global black market and one of the most serious organized crime problem in the world today. It has to do with the cultivation, manufacturing and the distribution of drugs through the employment of the quick money induced down trodden, to the multi-national and powerful men and women of the society.

In curtailing the increasing trends of drug trafficking around the world, past and present administrations have attempted several policies, despite this, the growth rate is still alarming. This however, may not be unconnected with low, improper and irregular sensitization of the hazards involved; parental negligence and poverty. In 2005, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health [NSDUH] report of United States Government revealed that over 800,000 adolescent between ages 12-17, sold and used drugs during the 12months before the research.

In addition, drug trafficking seems to be growing at a geometric rate despite a record of over 7billion dollars spent annually towards the arrest and prosecution of drug traffickers across the globe, about 85% of high school youths still find drugs easy to obtain.

Collaborating this recently in newspaper report published in Punch on Friday, January 30, 2009, noted the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency[NDLEA] boss, Alhaji Ahmadu Giade who revealed that most of those arrested in Nigeria, were youths who prefer to be engaged as traffickers of Anabolic Steroids, Cannabis, Tobacco, India Hemp, Alcohol, Cocaine, opium, Temazeipam, Heroin/Morphine, etc which would fetch them, fast and big cash than anything else.

The drug trade can be said to generates billions of dollars as an organized crime each year, imposing incalculable costs on individuals, families, communities and government world wide. Though, the methods used in carrying out this nefarious act varies, while some swallow few kilogrammes, some are carefully wrapped and put in a dead child etc. Lots of musicians, actors, actresses, sport men and women, even the so-called men of God, were not excluded in this ‘cool business’. These drugs, according to reports, were grown in wilderness, farms, indoors or outdoors residential gardens, although, the common characteristics binding this act is that, they are discreet to avoid detection or doing it in any ordinary setting without notice.

Drug trafficking and abuse ruin individual lives, drain billions of cash each year from government worldwide, it also erode the nation’s quality of life, it threaten the entire government and the stability of any nation also the nation’s national security will jeopardized.

Medically, the impact and hazards of drug trafficking is far-ranging, from mental or physical destruction to damaged brain, molestation, assaults, even untimely death. Recently, the reported cases of some actors and actresses, musicians from Nigeria that were caught in Saudi Arabia and were killed, and those that swallowed the drug came in contact with their intestine, thus, leading to ill-health that almost cost their life or death, are still fresh in our memories.

I would therefore advise, that our security agencies, especially those at the Local and International Airports and Border Posts, should be well equipped and trained with modern technological operations to detect the culprits of this dastard acts, also parents and all stake-holders should join hands so as to ensure a safer or drug free society, if possible.

The Menace of Drug Trafficking
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