Quitting Marijuana – The Fear of Success

Everyone has their own individual story to tell as to why they want to quit marijuana. My reason was because I had gotten into a rut of smoking it all day, every day. Late at night or early morning, utterly convinced I enjoyed it, I would sit, roll and smoke joint after joint. As the years rolled on marijuana seemed more like self-prescribed medication to keep me calm than the fun, recreational drug I once considered it to be. Knocking on my dealer’s door became a symbol of need and at times desperation. I often looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards and I completely lost my self-confidence to communicate with even my closest friends. But the dread of existing without my beloved daily fix was enough to force me to abandon each and every attempt to quit.

You probably know of at least one family member family, friend or colleague who boasts they can quit marijuana whenever they want to. An old pal of mine from way back called Sam used to brag that he could quit instantaneously without any fuss. All he had to do, according to Sam, was to stub out his last joint and that would be the end of it. For a long while he had me utterly convinced that he could do it in the manner he described – until that is I challenged him to actually do it. Then suddenly his boasts turned into the feeblest of excuses. For the first time ever I saw Sam’s natural swagger desert him. Today, tomorrow or any suggested deadline to quit visibly unnerved him.

Sam didn’t realize it but the easy to quit reputation that marijuana has is somewhat misleading. The level of ease or difficulty in terms of withdrawal symptoms is actually irrelevant. That’s because the real problem of quitting marijuana is FEAR.

Prior to making an attempt to quit Sam was confident because he knew there was no physical symptoms. He just didn’t anticipate the fear of losing what he considered to be his only pleasure in life and his special stress-relieving helpmate.

The prospect of a boring and miserable existence without marijuana was enough to convince him to put off the dreaded deed until such a time he forgot or rather until I forgot his boasts.

Quitting Marijuana – The Fear of Success
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