Mr OMNI, The Robot – Making of the Machine Man to Weed Out Corruption

Mr OMNI, the Robot:

Part I: Making of the machine.


The Voice of the great scientist. Ram Singh, attracted the attention of all his students and colleagues.

For the past one year, he was doing a secret research in his Private laboratory. Even his very close associates did not know the theme of his research.

“Students and friends, this evening at 5, let me declare the result of my new findings,” he said.

There was a hurriedly called conference on the same day. Not only his students and colleagues, but newsmen and VIPs were also invited. Everybody was waiting curiously to know what his discovery was. Close to his seat was a platform covered with a thick curtain. All understood that his discovery was behind the curtain and they were waiting for the curtain to be removed to catch a glimpse of his discovery.

Scientist Ram Singh started saying: “Gentleman and ladies! You Know, for the past 40 Years I have dedicated my life to Science and have made several discoveries for the benefit of mankind. But I was not satisfied with those discoveries. You are aware that I was a freedom fighter during my college days. I was deeply worried about the rampant corruption in this country. The social worker in me wanted me to find out some means to eradicate the monster ‘corruption in public life’.

“I gave a deep thought over the matter. It is not that we do not have sincere people around us. We do have. But what is their fate? Suppose there is a strict police officer, what will happen to him? He is also a man of flesh and bones. He also has a family. If he is strict, he will be threatened with dire consequences. His family members will be subjected to hardship. Finally, he also succumbs to the pressure and fall prey to the evils of corruption.

“Corruption can be eliminated only by a man who will not be an actual human being, one who will not have a family, one who will not have a heart. In short, he should not have any feeling except to locate the corrupt and punish them. Such a man cannot be purchased, also such a man cannot be punished by any force. That was the research I was doing for the past one year. Finally. I have created such a ‘man’.

“Look at him!.”

He removed the curtain. The anxious spectators were taken by surprise to see a mighty machine man awaiting orders from the master.

“Meet my new find, my servant. my son, Mr. OMNI, the robot,” Ram Singh’s voice was full of pride.

“I have created this man after a year of intense research. He is against corruption. If anything wrong happens, signals will reach him and he will punish those found guilty. The punishment could be severe, it may even include death, depending upon the nature of the crime. Even I, his creator, do not have any control over him. My work has ended with creating him. Hereafter he will take care of those who are guilty of corruption.”

Ram Singh completed his introduction.

“In the Srimadh Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna said, ‘ I shall be present whenever Adharma dominates over Dharma’. My Omni is equivalent to Lord Krishna. He will be present at the place of corruption and punish the guilty. He is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. That is why he is named Mr. Omni.”

So Saying, Ram Singh have his orders, “Omni, start… “

Omni started his errand.

He was patrolling the streets throughout day and night. Criminals and corrupt were unable to continue their profession. He once caught hold of a very high government official while getting illegal gratification and killed him on the spot. He broke the hands of a politician who demanded rupees five lacs for getting someone admitted to a medical college.

It was natural that laurels followed. Scientist Ram Singh was honoured with the Padma Bhushan for his best scientific invention. In fact, he was also recommended for Nobel Prize.

Invitations to Mr. Omni started pouring in from various states. Scientist Ramji Announced through newspapers that he would rather extend the Omni’s area of operation than to create new omnis. By a simple operation, he extended its jurisdiction.

Part II: The fall.

Dharmapal convened a meeting. He is known to the entire business community As Mr Pal. The meeting was attended by many business magnates, political leaders and Government officials who were totally disturbed by the birth of Omni.

Mr. Pal began his address: “Dear Friends, time has come for us to act. Our existence is at stake because of Omni. “

He was unable to continue.

Omni was present there. His eyes glowed red. It was the danger signal. Every- body was visibly afraid. After all, Life is more precious than anything else. Hence meeting came to an abrupt end.

Through Mr. Pal was unable to express anything in the meeting he was formulating certain plans to annihilate Omni.

If the secret about his existence is known, he can be destroyed once for all. Mr. Pal devised a master plan. He went to bed only after chalking out a scheme to annihilate not only Omni but also his creator, Ram Singh, so that there will not be any such creature who can obstruct his path of endless corruption.

Next morning, Mr. Pal was one of the early visitors to Ram Singh.In fact he was his close friend in young age. He garlanded and congratulated him for his achievement. Ram Singh enquired the cost of the garland and paid for it because garlanding is also punishable offence as per Omni’s programme.

By making use of the past friendship, Mr. Pal accompanied Ram Singh wherever he went. He arranged meetings and dinner parties in big cities. The cost was calculated perfectly and payments were made strictly as per actual calculations.

Ram Singh was invited by the President to address some foreign scientists and to hold demonstration of Omni. Mr. Pal accompanied him. He used the opportunity to offer drinks to Ram singh. Omni was very much present in the first class compartment in which they were travelling. But he was unable to take any action because Mr.Pal calculated the exact cost and collected the bill from him.

He was introduced to a beautiful girl who gave him company for two days. She charged Rs two lacs for 2 days.

Gradually Mr. Pal was in command of the situation. He capitalised on the scientist’s weakness. In fact, the scientist was also over-confident that no wrong could be done because Omni was present. But he miscalculated Mr. Pal’s intelligence.

Now the final enactment.

Mr. Pal had to find out the secret of Omni. Ram Singh began his drinking session by 7pm. The beautiful girl was assisting Ram Singh by sitting on his lap. Omni was also sitting in a nearby sofa. Mr. Pal was paying the bill in the hundi kept separately for each and every sip the scientist was taking.

Finally, when he took Rs one lac from the scientist’s purse to pay the girl the dissatisfaction was visible from his face. But he had to pay.

Then Mr. Pal asked, “Ramji,, why are you so afraid of Omni?”

“You do not know his power? Had I not paid Rs one lac, he might have killed me.”

“Will he not spare you?”

“He will spare nobody. He is equivalent to a powerful army. He is watching everything. If the lady leaves without the money she demanded he will pounce upon me and kill me”

“Is there no end to it?”

“Why not? After all he is my creation. I have to energise him with electromagnetic powers once a year.”

“Is it so?’ Mr Pal asked without expressing any anxiety. Omni was watching.

“I have to energise him for another year’s life, tomorrow at midnight.”

Mr Pal had come to know the secret. He had to act on the next day.

The evening began as usual with the drinking session. Omni was able to sense danger. But he was unable to act.

“This is foreign Liquor. Very Costly. So pay me Rs 50000,” Mr Pal demanded.

Ram Singh obliged.

At 11 pm, the girl entered the room. The Scientist was wonder struck. He had not seen such a beauty in his life.

” Mr Ram singh, She has come from abroad. Her charges are very high. Rs 5 lacs per night. You pay and enjoy. You will be the luckiest man in the world.”

“Rs 5 lacs?” the scientists felt gloomy. He did not wish to spend such a huge amount on her.

But, his new born weakness was aroused. He was very badly in need of such a beautiful dame. In fact, she was a blonde bonanza for him.

After half-an-hour Mr pal asked, “Mr Ram singh, have you decided?”

“Wait, we shall wait.”

As the hands of the clock approached 12, it was clear that Omni was losing his Strength.

The distant church bell rang 12. Temple bells followed. So it was midnight. The scientist told Mr. pal “Give me Rs 5lacs. I will not energise Omni.” And without waiting for Mr Pal’s reply, he grabbed the briefcase and took out Rs 5 lacs and threw it at the girl. He hugged and started to kiss her.

But, alas!

An unexpected thing took place; Omni, whom they thought dead, stood up. He approached his master, and placed his hands around his neck.

“Help, help me please!” the scientist cried.

The grip of Omni was so tight that within two minutes the scientist was dead.

Omni also fell down after losing all his energy.

Both the creator and the created were lying motionless because of the weakness of the creator. The weaknesses were ‘Money, drinks and girls!’

“Ha,ha,ha… ” business magnate Pal laughed

“Mr Ramsingh, you have totally underestimated me. why Omni,even if Lord Krishna Himself comes to Earth to eradicate corruption, I shall be able to annihilate the Lord. Come on lily, we shall go out and enjoy with other partners.”

“Sir, only one doubt. Will you please tell me Sir” Lily asked politely.

“How come all the clocks in the city were advanced by 30 minutes to misguide the scientist, Sir?”

“It was my master plan to advance all the clocks by half-an-hour, tempt him to accept the bribe and fall victim to his own creation. You see his clock, that is also advanced by half an hour.”

“How is it possible Sir?”

“Money. Money can do anything dear. Don’t ask me more. Come on, let us celebrate.”

An ecstatic Pal started dancing.

Mr OMNI, The Robot – Making of the Machine Man to Weed Out Corruption
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