Medical Marijuana States – Are You Legal Yet?

Medical Marijuana has become one of the fastest growing industries in the country. The number of medical marijuana states is growing every year with New Jersey becoming the most recent state to legalize medicinal cannabis in 2010. It was recently reported that the number of marijuana dispensaries in the city of Denver Colorado has grown to outnumber the total amount of Starbucks in the city. This goes to show just how much of a demand exists for access to medicinal marijuana and this trend continues to be repeated in many city across the US.

Currently there are 14 US states that have approved some form of new legal medical marijuana laws for patients. These laws seem to be constantly changing so it can be difficult to know where to start. While every state has different rules and regulations, there are some basic guide lines to follow when trying to find the best dispensary or clinic for your cannabis needs. Be sure to research to laws and regulations of your individual state before attempting to purchase or sell medical marijuana.

So if you live in any of the following states and you meet the legal requirements then you can so be on your way to finding the best legal weed if you complete the marijuana registry application forms for your specific state. Medical Marijuana States and the year of legalization:

* Alaska – 1998

* California – 1996

* Colorado – 2000

* Hawaii – 2000

* Maine – 1999

* Michigan – 2008

* Montana – 2004

* Nevada – 2000

* New Jersey – 2010

* New Mexico – 2007

* Oregon -1998

* Rhode Island – 2006

* Vermont – 2004

* Washington -1998

As the number of state on this list expands, the medicinal marijuana industry continues its rapid growth across the country, providing many states with a much needed source of revenue. California leads the movement towards full legalization of possession of cannabis for any adult over 21 years of age in hopes that the new taxes generated will help their struggling economy This article is not an endorsement for the use of marijuana. I recommend reading the official laws of your state for more information.

Medical Marijuana States – Are You Legal Yet?
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