Marijuana Or Meditation, May I Tell You My Preference?

I prefer meditation. Sure, something outside of yourself can do it for you, but, you have to deal with the undesirable effects of what is outside of yourself getting it wrong somehow. Recently, in some places, marijuana has been legalized. Well, I have nothing against that, but, let me put it this way: I do not even depend on wine, beer or cigarettes for “illegal” or interesting altered states of consciousness, I depend purely on meditation. That is my personal preference because marijuana and all the other stuff does nothing for me, absolutely nothing. Last time I depended on marijuana or alcohol for an interesting or altered state of consciousness (that was seventeen years ago), I just felt depressed about everything and everybody, and I just felt I was avoiding the problem instead of confronting and solving the problem. So, I quit it all, and just meditate in direct contact with the source of my problems instead of avoiding them with alcohol, marijuana, and cigarettes. Sure, I still take some of what my doctor gives me to stay sane and functional, but I do not even depend on that except as a discipline to keep me on the straight and narrow and realistically thinking and acting in reality. But, like I said in the first sentence, I prefer meditation.

Escape seems nice until you confront your problems in a worse way later. That is why I confront my problems and try to come up with realistic solutions. Instead of escaping outcompete, out think and reason out your problems genuinely and get somewhere without laziness.

Seeming escape is a big business: Why do you think the United States government has big bureaus of food, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms? Because, as long as there is a need for escape there is a need for prisoners and governments that control the flow of escapees from prison and government. But, ultimately, everyone that wants to “escape reality” confronts it later in a different and sometimes worse form until they deal with reality. Reality is only bad when you do not deal with it, ironically. Reality is good when it is honestly and realistically dealt with.

I believe that the legalization of marijuana is just another excuse for escaping the real problems of death, depression, misery and unreality. I understand that “getting high” is just anesthesia or temporary numbness, not the cure for the reality of what needs and wants (in that order) to be genuinely dealt with. Sure, you can agree or disagree with me, but reality must always be dealt with. I still prefer meditation, I still prefer to deal with it, I still do not believe in any real escape except dealing with it. I am serious and I mean business with this article. What else is there except to deal with reality, ultimately? The escape of “getting high”? The answer is confrontation and dealing with it all, not escape.

Marijuana Or Meditation, May I Tell You My Preference?
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