Brother PC-420 Features

Sewing with the Brother PC-420 is a very popular hobby. It used to be that everyone made their own clothes. But then it became possible to buy clothes and people had less and less time so they stopped sewing altogether. But sewing, clothing and anything else, is back in popularity. There are many reasons for this. One is that when a person sews they are able to express their own creativity and individuality. But to do that all that sewing a person needs to have a reliable sewing machine. The Brother PC-420 is that machine.

Brother has a great reputation for making sewing machines that work well and stand up to a lot of use. The Brother PC-420 is no different. There are many great features that make this an easy to use machine. One is that it has an automatic threader. There are people who can see to sew but have a hard time seeing to thread the needle, or their hands are too shaky to easily thread the needle, but the automatic threader solves that problem.

Probably the best feature that the Brother has is that it’s a computerized sewing machine. This makes it a lot easier on the person sewing. One reason for that is that it has many stitches that are programmed into the machine. Those stitches include buttonholes, but they also include fancy embroidery stitches with letters and numbers. The computerized function lets even a novice sewer turn out work that looks like something the most experienced sewer produced. Plus it allows the user to program in their own stitches or patterns and then it remembers it.

The PC-420 computerized sewing machine is absolutely a dream to work with it is also simple, very quiet and smooth. There is a LCD screen on the machine that shows what the person is programming. The easy to read LCD screen and touch button controls help to make this easy to manage all of your sewing tasks. You will have fun playing with 3 alphabet variations and well over 100 stitches as well as design your own unique stitches while using My Custom Stitch feature.

If you are looking for a computerized sewing machine that is easy to use, and will last for a long time then you need to look into a Brother PC-420. They have been around for many years, and have made many great sewing machines. You will be glad that you bought a brother pc-420 sewing machine every time you sit down at it to sew your newest creation.

Brother PC-420 Features
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