Beer Drinkers, Do You Know Beer Contains Female Hormones That Cause A Beer Belly And Breast Growth?

If you have ever had the chance to smell a hops plant, then you know it has hypnotic effects. Harvesting any of the plants of the hemp family can make you quite sleepy. Cannabis, which is used to produce Hashish and Marijuana, is a close relative of hops. The relaxing effect that beer has on the consumer comes from the hops ingredient hopein, among other substances. Hopein is a form of morphine.

With the exception of Muslim countries, beer consumption is legal, yet taking morphine, marijuana, or other hallucinogenic drugs is treated as a criminal act. If a person regularly gets drunk by drinking large quantities of beer, he is not less ‘out of himself’ or physically and mentally incompetent than he would be under drug-induced hallucination.

It would not make a difference whether a hallucinating drug user runs over an innocent pedestrian or a drunk who has had a few bottles of morphine-containing beer. If a person is caught driving while drunk, he will receive punishment by law. If he gets drunk and is not driving, the law cannot touch him. If someone becomes violent under the influence of beer, it is due to reasons similar to a drug user becoming violent under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.

Apart from their mind-altering effects, hops are known to work as an anti-aphrodisiac, suppressing sexual drive and performance in men. Hops contain the female sex hormones daidzein and genistein, which are generally used to fatten calves, sheep, and chickens. Contrary to general belief, the body cannot utilize any of the numerous calories contained in whiskey or other alcoholic beverages for producing energy or increasing fat reserves.

Beer contains another female hormone, an estrogen, which is also formed in a woman’s ovaries. The typical beer belly and breast growth of a beer drinker is caused by these female hormones and has nothing to do with beer calories.

Besides the already mentioned mind-altering chemicals in beer, the malt in beer also has a substance in it that influences the psyche; it is called hordenin. Hordenin results from the germination of barley and is related to the well-known stimulants ephedrine and mescaline. It also has a strong diuretic effect, which causes frequent urination, especially during the night. To process one glass of beer, the body’s cells have to supply at least three glasses of water. Hence beer can cause severe dehydration such as is typically found among heavy beer drinkers. When the beer drinker’s body signals dehydration, he may be tempted to drink even more beer, which increases dehydration further.

All these factors may result in weight gain, tissue acidification, retention of toxins, and swelling of the body. In addition, if the beer production uses extremely ‘hard’ water, rich in inorganic (metallic) calcium, the result may be a high incidence of kidney stones and kidney problems among beer drinkers. Also, regular consumption of all alcoholic beverages causes gallstones in the liver and gallbladder. Alcohol is extremely acidic which alters the pH of the alkaline bile to the point of thickening, leading to blockage of bile ducts. Thus, alcohol consumption can become a cause for any illness in the body.

Beer Drinkers, Do You Know Beer Contains Female Hormones That Cause A Beer Belly And Breast Growth?
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